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Processor Software

Design and develop the software for the embedded processor component of an SoC application

Create Simulink® models of the software in an SoC application. Encapsulate the algorithms as a collection of timer-driven and event-driven task subsystems. Define the timing and duration characteristics for tasks.


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Task ManagerCreate and manage task executions in Simulink model
Proxy TaskA placeholder for a task in your application
Task ManagerCreate and manage task executions in Simulink model
Testbench TaskAn external timer-driven task load on your SoC processor application
Event SourceSimulate and playback recorded task events
Interprocess Data ChannelModel interprocessor data channel between two processors
Interprocess Data ReadReceive messages from another processor using interprocess communication channel
Interprocess Data WriteSend messages to another processor using interprocessor data write


socTaskTimesPlot histogram of the task durations from a recorded Simulation Data Inspector run
socHardwareUsageGenerate processor core usage statistics from a recorded Simulation Data Inspector run
socTaskSchedulabilityDetermine whether set of tasks can be scheduled for specified core assignments
socCreateModelCreates a skeleton SoC Blockset model for task set

Profiles and Stereotypes

soc_blockset_profileProfile for SoC Blockset systems
ProcessorCoreStereotype for a processor core
PeriodicSoftwareTaskStereotype for a periodic software task
AperiodicSoftwareTaskStereotype for an aperiodic software task


Hardware MappingMap tasks and peripherals in a model to hardware board configurations
Task Execution ReportDisplay summary of task execution performance and core usage metrics following model simulation or execution on processor
Simulation Data InspectorInspect and compare data and simulation results to validate and iterate model designs




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