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Creates a skeleton SoC Blockset model for task set

Since R2022b


socCreateModel(modelName) creates an SoC Blockset™ model with task set that you define from a System Composer™ model using SoC Blockset software task stereotypes. The SoC Blockset model contains a Task Manager block with software tasks assigned, and the Schedule Editor partitions for each task in a reference model. The model is set for a Custom Board with a required number of processor cores.

socCreateModel(allocationSet,allocationScenario) creates an SoC Blockset model with a task set determined by an allocation scenario captured in Allocation Editor (System Composer) tool for software and hardware architecture diagrams using the PeriodicSoftwareTask and AperiodicSoftwareTask stereotypes.

Input Arguments

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Name of the software architecture model.

Data Types: string

Name of the allocation set.

Data Types: string

Name of the allocation scenario.

Data Types: string

Version History

Introduced in R2022b