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Signal Analysis and Visualization

Visualize, preprocess, and explore signals using Signal Analyzer app

The Signal Analyzer app is an interactive tool for visualizing, measuring, analyzing, and comparing signals in the time domain, in the frequency domain, and in the time-frequency domain. The app provides a way to work with many signals of varying durations at the same time and in the same view.

Start the app by choosing it from the Apps tab on the MATLAB® toolstrip. You can also start the app by typing signalAnalyzer at the MATLAB command prompt.


Signal AnalyzerVisualize and compare multiple signals and spectra


stripsStrip plot


App Workflow

Spectral and Time-Frequency Analysis

  • Spectrum Computation in Signal Analyzer
    To compute signal spectra, Signal Analyzer finds a compromise between the best theoretical spectral resolution and the best resolution allowed by performance constraints.
  • Persistence Spectrum in Signal Analyzer
    The persistence spectrum contains time-dependent probabilities of occurrence of signals at given frequency locations and power levels.
  • Spectrogram Computation in Signal Analyzer
    To display the time-dependent spectrum of a nonstationary signal, Signal Analyzer divides the signal into overlapping Kaiser-windowed segments and computes their short-time Fourier transforms.
  • Scalogram Computation in Signal Analyzer
    The scalogram is useful for identifying signals with low-frequency components and for analyzing signals whose frequency content changes rapidly with time.

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