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Perform signal processing and analysis

Signal Processing Toolbox™ provides functions and apps to manage, analyze, preprocess, and extract features from uniformly and nonuniformly sampled signals. The toolbox includes tools for filter design and analysis, resampling, smoothing, detrending, and power spectrum estimation. You can use the Signal Analyzer app for visualizing and processing signals simultaneously in time, frequency, and time-frequency domains. With the Filter Designer app you can design and analyze FIR and IIR digital filters. Both apps generate MATLAB® scripts to reproduce or automate your work.

Using toolbox functions, you can prepare signal datasets for AI model training by engineering features that reduce dimensionality and improve the quality of signals. You can access and process collections of files and large datasets using signal datastores. With the Signal Labeler app, you can annotate signal attributes, regions, and points of interest to create labeled signal sets. The toolbox supports GPU acceleration in addition to C/C++ and CUDA® code generation for desktop prototyping and embedded system deployment.


Featured Examples

Interactive Learning

Signal Processing Onramp
This free, two-hour tutorial provides an interactive introduction to practical signal processing methods for spectral analysis.


Signal Analyzer app showing waveforms, spectra, spectrogram, scalogram, and persistence spectrum

What Is Signal Processing Toolbox?
Perform signal processing, signal analysis, and algorithm development using Signal Processing Toolbox.

Analysis workflow: Measurement, feature extraction, classification

Signal Processing and Machine Learning Techniques for Sensor Data Analytics
This video presents a classification system able to identify the physical activity of a human subject based on smartphone-generated accelerometer signals.

Signal Analyzer app resampling a region of a signal

Signal Analysis Made Easy with the Signal Analyzer App
Learn to perform signal analysis tasks in MATLAB with the Signal Analyzer app.

Signal Analyzer app displaying electrocardiogram signals and their spectra

Introduction to Signal Processing Apps in MATLAB
Use Signal Analyzer to import, visualize, preprocess, and analyze an electrocardiogram signal.