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Visual Exploration

Pan, zoom, and rotate graphics; modify and save observations

Interactively explore and edit plotted data to improve the visual display or reveal additional information about the data. For example, you can adjust the view of plotted data by panning, zooming, or rotating the axes. Also, you can modify the data points using data brushing or edit the appearance of plots using the Property Inspector. For more information, see Interactively Explore Plotted Data.


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Property InspectorOpen property inspector
ploteditInteractively edit and annotate plots
plottools(Not recommended) Show or hide plot tools
showplottool(Not recommended) Show or hide specified plot tool
figurepalette(Not recommended) Show or hide the Figure Palette
plotbrowser(Not recommended) Show or hide the Plot Browser
propertyeditor(Not recommended) Show or hide the Property Editor
propedit(Not recommended) Open Property Editor

Customize Data Tips

datatipCreate data tip (Since R2019b)
dataTipTextRowAdd row to data tips

Customize Toolbar Buttons

axtoolbarCreate axes toolbar
axtoolbarbtnAdd buttons to axes toolbar
addToolbarExplorationButtonsAdd data exploration buttons to figure toolbar
removeToolbarExplorationButtonsRemove data exploration buttons from figure toolbar
panInteractionPan interaction
rulerPanInteractionRuler-pan interaction
zoomInteractionZoom interaction
regionZoomInteractionRegion-zoom interaction
rotateInteractionRotate interaction
dataTipInteractionData tip interaction
editInteractionEdit text interaction (Since R2021b)
enableDefaultInteractivityEnable built-in axes interactions
disableDefaultInteractivityDisable built-in axes interactions
panEnable pan mode
zoomEnable zoom mode
rotate3dEnable rotate mode
datacursormodeEnable data cursor mode
brushInteractively mark data values in a chart
enableLegacyExplorationModesControl behavior of modes in UI figures (Since R2020a)
linkdataAutomatically update charted data
linkaxesSynchronize limits of multiple axes
linkpropKeep same value for corresponding properties of graphics objects
refreshdataRefresh charted data


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DataTipTemplate PropertiesData tip content and appearance
AxesToolbar PropertiesAxes toolbar appearance and behavior
ToolbarStateButton PropertiesAxes toolbar state button appearance and behavior
ToolbarPushButton PropertiesAxes toolbar push button appearance and behavior
ToolbarDropdown PropertiesModify drop-down menus in axes toolbar (Since R2019b)
CartesianAxesInteractionOptions PropertiesAxes interaction behavior for apps (Since R2023a)
PolarAxesInteractionOptions PropertiesPolar axes interaction behavior for apps (Since R2024a)
GeographicAxesInteractionOptions PropertiesGeographic axes interaction behavior for apps (Since R2024a)

Live Editor Tasks

Create PlotInteractively create and explore visualizations in the Live Editor (Since R2021a)