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Axes Appearance

Modify axis limits and tick values, add grid lines, combine multiple plots

You can customize axes by changing the limits, controlling the locations of the tick marks, formatting the tick labels, or adding grid lines. You also can combine multiple plots, either using separate axes in the same figure, or by combining the plots in the same axes, with the option to add a second y-axis.


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xlimSet or query x-axis limits
ylimSet or query y-axis limits
zlimSet or query z-axis limits
axisSet axis limits and aspect ratios
boxDisplay axes outline
daspectControl data unit length along each axis
pbaspectControl relative lengths of each axis
gridDisplay or hide axes grid lines
xticksSet or query x-axis tick values
yticksSet or query y-axis tick values
zticksSet or query z-axis tick values
xticklabelsSet or query x-axis tick labels
yticklabelsSet or query y-axis tick labels
zticklabelsSet or query z-axis tick labels
xtickformatSpecify x-axis tick label format
ytickformatSpecify y-axis tick label format
ztickformatSpecify z-axis tick label format
xtickangleRotate x-axis tick labels
ytickangleRotate y-axis tick labels
ztickangleRotate z-axis tick labels
datetickDate formatted tick labels
ruler2numConvert data from specific ruler to numeric data
num2rulerConvert numeric data for use with specific ruler

Combining Plots

holdRetain current plot when adding new plots
yyaxisCreate chart with two y-axes
legendAdd legend to axes
colororderSet color order for visualizing multiple data series

Tiling Plots

tiledlayoutCreate tiled chart layout
nexttileCreate axes in tiled chart layout
subplotCreate axes in tiled positions
claClear axes
axesCreate Cartesian axes
figureCreate figure window


Axes Properties Axes appearance and behavior
Legend PropertiesLegend appearance and behavior
TiledChartLayout PropertiesTiled chart layout appearance and behavior


Limits, Ticks, and Grids

Specify Axis Limits

Control where data appears in the axes by setting the axis limits.

Specify Axis Tick Values and Labels

Customize the tick values and labels along an axis, such as editing the tick value placement or modifying the tick label text and formatting.

Add Grid Lines and Edit Placement

Add grid lines to a graph and modify their placement and appearance.

Using Graphics Smoothing

This example shows how to use graphics and font smoothing in MATLAB plots.

Multiple Plots

Combine Multiple Plots

Show multiple plots together in the same figure, either by combining the plots in the same axes or by creating a tiled chart layout.

Create Chart with Two y-Axes

Create a chart with y-axes on both the left and right sides.

Modify Properties of Charts with Two y-Axes

Modify charts with two y-axes by setting axes properties or by accessing the underlying ruler objects.

Display Data with Multiple Scales and Axes Limits

Learn about techniques for visualizing data with multiple x- and y-axes, multiple colorbars, or with an x-axis that is broken into intervals.

Customized Presentations and Special Effects with Tiled Chart Layouts

Explore the different ways you can use a tiled chart layout to arrange the elements in a visualization.

Size and Aspect Ratio

Control Ratio of Axis Lengths and Data Unit Lengths

Control the axis and data unit lengths by setting the plot box aspect ratio and the data aspect ratio.

Control Axes Layout

Set axes properties to control the axes size and position, the layout of titles and labels, and the axes resize behavior.

Clipping in Plots and Graphs

This example shows how MATLAB® uses clipping in plots and how to control clipping.