Image Acquisition Toolbox


Image Acquisition Toolbox

Acquire images and video from industry-standard hardware

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App for Image and Video Acquisition

Explore, configure, and acquire image data using the Image Acquisition Tool.

Device Configuration

Select a device and set acquisition parameters such as frames per trigger, color space, region of interest, and device-specific properties.

Image and Video Logging

Preview images, acquire images, and export the acquired data to a MAT-file, the MATLAB workspace, VideoWriter, or another destination.

Preview, acquire, and export your images.

Automated Driving

Acquire images for use with sensor fusion, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms. Develop ADAS systems such as pedestrian detection, lane tracking, and obstacle avoidance.

Vision-Based ADAS Systems

Acquire images and video for semantic segmentation and other machine learning techniques to develop and test ADAS systems.

Industrial Imaging

Design industrial systems that implement vision-based inspection for control and analysis.

Automatic Inspection

Automate inspection systems by acquiring and processing images, synchronizing data, and visualizing results, all from MATLAB.

Scientific Imaging

Connect to scientific cameras to acquire images, perform scientific studies, and develop imaging algorithms.

Real-time augmented reality projection of blood flow.

Monitoring synaptic transmission over time.

Imaging System Design

Capture images and video directly from your device for use in design of imaging systems.

Simulink Blocks and Code Generation

Bring live video data into Simulink models, and generate code for integration in imaging systems.

Thermal imaging FPGA filter developed by FLIR.

Imaging Hardware

Connect to optical cameras, depth cameras, infrared cameras, stereo cameras, X-ray detectors, 3D laser line profile scanners, and more.

Optical Cameras

Acquire optical images with cameras and frame grabbers from a wide array of commercial device manufacturers, including FLIR/Point Grey, Baumer, Basler, Allied Vision, and many others.

Hardware support from Image Acquisition Toolbox.

Depth Cameras

Acquire depth images and skeletal data from 3D depth cameras such as Microsoft® Kinect® for Windows®.

Thermal Infrared Cameras

Acquire and analyze thermal imagery from infrared cameras.

Imaging Standards

Use Image Acquisition Toolbox with common interface standards.

GenICam GenTL

Acquire images from a variety of GenICam GenTL-compliant cameras with USB3 Vision, GigE Vision, and IEEE® 1394 DCAM/IIDC interfaces.

GenICam GenTL support.

GigE Vision

Acquire images from GigE Vision cameras using an interface that supports GigE-specific functionality.

Camera Link

Acquire images from Camera Link® frame grabbers and cameras from a variety of manufacturers. Stream data into MATLAB and Simulink from devices such as line scan cameras and industrial machine vision sensors.

Camera Link support.

Triggering and Acquisition Customizations

Customize your acquisition to execute on a specific event. Perform high-speed frame capture and asynchronous acquisition.


Trigger your acquisition from an internal or external event or source.

Images created by averaging multiple frames per trigger.

Apps, Callbacks, and Events

Use event callbacks to perform processing in response to events. Integrate callback functions into responsive, custom apps. Your apps can be deployed with MATLAB Compiler™ for execution on systems that do not have MATLAB installed.

Custom app with live histogram display.

Background Acquisition

Continuously acquire and process image data in the background.

Logging data to memory.