What Is Image Acquisition Toolbox?

Image Acquisition Toolbox enables you to acquire images and videos from cameras and frame grabbers directly into MATLAB® and Simulink®.

Typical applications include cellular bioimaging, high-speed imaging, and computer vision such as this example where we solve a Sudoku puzzle.

You can work with a variety of imaging devices using industry standards like DCAM, Camera Link®, and GigE Vision®, as well as inexpensive web cameras.

The toolbox is supported on many operating systems.

The toolbox recognizes available hardware. You can connect to a device and preview live video data. You can then acquire data and perform common image processing tasks. You can easily switch between available devices and acquire imagery as fast as your camera and computer can support it.

The Image Acquisition app can be used instead of command line functionality to work with available hardware and modify its properties.

You can preview an acquisition, select a region of interest, and acquire data. The data logging feature lets you effectively manage the available memory. Your actions are tracked and appear as a history of commands in your session log and can be used in MATLAB scripts.

Image Acquisition Toolbox enables you to precisely control your hardware in MATLAB.

You can perform manual and hardware based triggering and acquire images from more than one camera simultaneously.

If you are using Simulink to design and simulate imaging systems, then you can use the Simulink block for image acquisition as seen here.

The system object block enables you to generate C code for deployment, rapid prototyping, and for simulation acceleration.

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