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Justin on 1 Dec 2023
Answered: Walter Roberson on 1 Dec 2023
I am having trouble creating a for loop to repeat a set of code completed for 1 subject to the next 34 (in total 35 subjects). The data set has a row of ECG data per subject and it was extracted by dataN_1 = ecg_data (:,1). The data was later filtered and mean HR and RR intervals for the ECG were calculated for subject 1. How do I repeat everything but with different names e.g. mean_HR_subject1, mean_HR_subject2, etc. to calculate the mean and std for HR and HR variability for the 35 subjects?
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Torsten on 1 Dec 2023
Moved: Torsten on 1 Dec 2023
for i = 1:35
dataN_(i) = ecg_data (:,i);
mean_HR_subject(i) = ...

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Dec 2023
If you need to compute different field names for a struct, or different property names for objects, you can use dynamic field names. It would look something like this,
for iteration = 1 : 35
HRfield = "HR_subject" + iteration;
mHRfield = "mean_" + HRfield;
data_in = TheStruct.(HRfield);
data_out = some calculation on data_in
TheStruct.(mHRfield) = data_out;
See also structfun
There are also useful techniques working with tables, such as rowfun and varfun and groupsummary -- you could potentially convert to table using struct2table


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