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How can i convert an ASCII file to NetCDF?

Asked by kopparthi on 8 Nov 2013
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on 18 Dec 2013
sir/madam i'm trying to convert a large ASCII file into a NetCDF file through mat lab.
sir i have a data which was recorded in ADCP(Acoustic Doppler Current profiler),and downloaded it using ADCP(winsc) software,now i want to processes that file matlab,so that i need convert that raw data file .nc(netcdf) file.i executed commands like nccreate,ncwrite etc.but i am getting required file.can you suggest the sequence steps and coding,the size of file is 28Mb.


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Answer by Ashish Uthama on 8 Nov 2013
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Kopparthi, I assume you meant to upload only the meta data in the text file. I am not familiar with ADCP so I am not sure how your raw data is organized. Please add more information to your question (eg - what are the data dimensions? (not file size), what are the dimension variables? how is the data organized in the text file? (row-major or col-major?) what type is it? (integer, double?) etc.
Note - The meta data can be written using ncwriteatt.
You mentioned you tried using nccreate and ncwrite, what did you try and how was it not the required file you wanted?
The help for ncwrite has an example which shows you how to 2D data.

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I attached adcp tool box,please go thourgh it and kindly guide me to convert binary file into .nc file. ->(demo-9991wh000.00)=binary file..

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