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Semantic Segmentation

Semantic image segmentation

Semantic segmentation associates each pixel of an image with a class label, such as flower, person, road, sky, or car. Use the Image Labeler and the Video Labeler apps to interactively label pixels and export the label data for training a neural network.


Image LabelerLabel images for computer vision applications
Video LabelerLabel video for computer vision applications


semanticsegSemantic image segmentation using deep learning
segnetLayersCreate SegNet layers for semantic segmentation
unetLayersCreate U-Net layers for semantic segmentation
fcnLayersCreate fully convolutional network layers for semantic segmentation
pixelLabelDatastoreDatastore for pixel label data
pixelLabelImageDatastoreDatastore for semantic segmentation networks
pixelLabelTrainingDataCreate training data for semantic segmentation from ground truth
pixelClassificationLayerCreate pixel classification layer for semantic segmentation
crop2dLayerNeural network layer in a neural network that can be used to crop an input feature map
semanticSegmentationMetricsSemantic segmentation quality metrics
evaluateSemanticSegmentationEvaluate semantic segmentation data set against ground truth
labeloverlayOverlay label matrix regions on 2-D image
countEachLabelCount occurrence of pixel label for data source images


Semantic Segmentation Basics

Segment objects by class using deep learning

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