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Synchronize changes of models in allocation set



    synchronizeChanges(allocSet) synchronizes any changes that have been made in the source or target models of the allocation set.


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    This example shows how to synchronize changes for models used in an allocation set.

    Create two new models with a component each.

    mSource = systemcomposer.createModel('Source_Model_Allocation',true);
    sourceComp = mSource.Architecture.addComponent('Source_Component');
    mTarget = systemcomposer.createModel('Target_Model_Allocation',true);
    targetComp = mTarget.Architecture.addComponent('Target_Component');

    Create the allocation set with name MyAllocation.

    allocSet = systemcomposer.allocation.createAllocationSet('MyAllocation',...

    Get the default allocation scenario.

    defaultScenario = allocSet.getScenario('Scenario 1');

    Allocate components between models.

    allocation = defaultScenario.allocate(sourceComp,targetComp);

    Update the models with new components.

    sourceComp2 = mSource.Architecture.addComponent('Source_Component_2');
    targetComp2 = mTarget.Architecture.addComponent('Target_Component_2');

    Synchronize changes from models in allocation set


    Allocate new components between models

    allocation2 = defaultScenario.allocate(sourceComp2,targetComp2);

    Open the allocation editor.


    Arrange the models so the components appear on the canvas.


    Save the models and allocation set.


    Input Arguments

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    Allocation set, specified as a systemcomposer.allocation.AllocationSet object.

    More About

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    TermDefinitionApplicationMore Information
    allocationAn allocation is a directed relationship from an element in one model to an element in another model.Resource-based allocation allows you to allocate functional architectural elements to logical architectural elements and logical architectural elements to physical architectural elements.Allocate Architectures in Tire Pressure Monitoring System
    allocation scenarioAn allocation scenario contains a set of allocations between a source and target model.Allocate between model elements within an allocation in an allocation scenario. The default allocation scenario is called Scenario 1.Create and Manage Allocations
    allocation setAn allocation set consists of one more allocation scenarios which describe various allocations between a source and target model.Create an allocation set with allocation scenarios.Create and Manage Allocations

    Introduced in R2020b