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Wireless Communications

Design, analyze, test, and verify wireless communications systems

Wireless engineering teams use MATLAB® and Simulink® to reduce development time, eliminate design problems early, and streamline analysis, testing, and verification. Use these tools to:

  • Prove algorithm and system design concepts with simulation and over-the-air signals.

  • Generate customizable waveforms to verify conformance for generic wireless communications systems and various standards-compliant systems.

  • Simulate end-to-end communications systems.

  • Develop communications system models of system-level simulations that represent multinode networks.

  • Create models using digital, RF, and antenna elements to explore and optimize system behavior.

  • Automatically generate HDL or C code for prototyping and implementation without coding manually.

  • Create reusable golden reference models for iterative verification of wireless designs, prototypes, and implementations.


Waveform Generation

Receiver Algorithm Training with AI

RF Propagation and Channel Modeling

Beamforming and Beam Sweeping in MIMO Systems

Transceiver Design and Simulation

Code Generation and Deployment

Software-Defined Radio