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Find successive state indices and costs

Since R2023a



    [succIDS,costs] = successors(graph,currID) finds the state indices succIDS and the cost of all states costs that are connected to the specified state currID using the directed link.


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    Load navGraph data for states and links.

    load navGraphData.mat

    Visualize the navGraph object.


    Find successive state indices and costs based on a state name.

    [succIDS,costs] = successors(navGraphObj,"G")
    succIDS = 2×1
    costs = 2×1

    Find the state vectors of the successive states.

    states = index2state(navGraphObj,succIDS)
    states = 2×3
        8.0000    2.0000    0.7218
        8.0000    7.0000    0.6741

    Input Arguments

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    Graph object, specified as a navGraph object.

    Current state, specified as a positive integer, representing a state index, or as a string scalar or character vector representing a state name.

    Data Types: double | char | string

    Output Arguments

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    Successive state indices, returned as a column vector of positive integers.

    Data Types: double

    Cost of all successive states, returned as a numeric column vector of the same size as succIDS. The function computes costs using the Weight or LinkWeightFcn property of the navGraph object graph.

    Data Types: double

    Extended Capabilities

    Version History

    Introduced in R2023a