Toolbox Distribution

Create and share toolboxes; add documentation

You can package MATLAB® files to create a toolbox to share with others. These files can include MATLAB code, data, apps, examples, and documentation. When you create a toolbox, MATLAB generates a single installation file (.mltbx) that enables you or others to install your toolbox.


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matlab.addons.toolbox.packageToolboxPackage toolbox project
matlab.addons.toolbox.toolboxVersionQuery or modify version of toolbox
matlab.addons.toolbox.installToolboxInstall toolbox file
matlab.addons.toolbox.uninstallToolboxUninstall toolbox
matlab.addons.toolbox.installedToolboxesReturn information about installed toolboxes
builddocsearchdbBuild searchable documentation database
validateFunctionSignaturesJSONValidate functionSignatures.json files
matlab.codetools.requiredFilesAndProductsList dependencies of MATLAB program files


Create and Share Toolboxes

You can package MATLAB files to create a single installation file to share with others. These files can include MATLAB code, data, apps, examples, and documentation.

Add Help for Your Program

Help text appears in the Command Window when you use the help function. Create help text for your program by inserting comments at the beginning.

Check Which Programs Have Help

To determine which of your programs files have help text, you can generate a Help Report.

Customize Code Suggestions and Completions

To customize code suggestions and completions for your functions, provide MATLAB with information about your function signatures.

Display Custom Documentation

If you create a toolbox that works with MathWorks® products, you can include custom documentation that is viewable in the MATLAB Help browser. Custom documentation can include figures, diagrams, screen captures, equations, and formatting to make your toolbox help more usable.

Display Custom Examples

Display examples such as videos, published program scripts, or other files that illustrate the use of your programs in the MATLAB help browser.

Identify Program Dependencies

Determine which functions and scripts your program is dependent upon.