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Version-specific changes in factory settings tree of toolbox

Since R2019b


A matlab.settings.SettingsFileUpgrader object represents the changes in the factory settings tree for a specific version of a toolbox. Create a SettingsFileUpgrader for each toolbox version that includes a change to the factory settings tree and record the changes to the tree. Recording changes ensures that toolbox users upgrading to a new version do not have any backward incompatibility issues with their toolbox settings.




upgrader = matlab.settings.SettingsFileUpgrader(version) creates a SettingsFileUpgrader object for the specified toolbox version.

Input Arguments

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Toolbox version to create a SettingsFileUpgrader object for, specified as a character vector or string.

Example: "mytoolbox_Version1"


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Toolbox version of the SettingsFileUpgrader object, specified as a string.

Object Functions

moveRecord move or rename of factory setting or group
removeRecord removal of factory setting or group


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Record changes to the factory settings tree that occurred in two different versions of a toolbox.

Create a settings file upgrader object for version 2 of mytoolbox.

upgraders = matlab.settings.SettingsFileUpgrader('Version2');

Record the move of the settings group font from the mytoolbox.mysettings factory settings group to the mytoolbox group.


Create a settings file upgrader object for version 3 of mytoolbox.

upgraders(2) = matlab.settings.SettingsFileUpgrader('Version3');

Record the rename of the two font settings FontSize and FontColor, previously named MyFontName and MyFontColor.


Version History

Introduced in R2019b