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Quadrangles and Areas on Spheroids

Find areas bounded by meridians or parallels, find quadrangles surrounding points

A quadrangle is a polygon that is bounded by two meridians and two parallels. Use these functions to calculate surface areas of polygons on spheroids and to find quadrangles surrounding points, lines, and polygons.


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areaintSurface area of polygon on sphere or ellipsoid
areaArea of polygon shape in geographic or planar coordinates (Since R2024a)
areaquadSurface area of latitude-longitude quadrangle
areamatSurface area covered by nonzero values in binary data grid
geoquadlineGeographic quadrangle bounding multi-part line
geoquadptGeographic quadrangle bounding scattered points
ingeoquadTrue for points inside or on lat-lon quadrangle
intersectgeoquadIntersection of two latitude-longitude quadrangles
outlinegeoquadPolygon outlining geographic quadrangle
bufgeoquadExpand limits of geographic quadrangle