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Standard File Formats

Read, write, and get information about data files

Read, write, and get information about geospatial data files. For information about supported file formats, see Supported Geospatial File Formats for Import and Export.


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readgeorasterRead geospatial raster data file (Since R2020a)
worldfilereadRead world file and return reference object
imreadRead image from graphics file

Get Information

georasterinfoInformation about geospatial raster data file (Since R2020a)
geotiffinfoInformation about GeoTIFF file
getworldfilenameDerive world file name from image file name


geotiffwriteWrite GeoTIFF file
worldfilewriteWrite world file from raster reference object
imwriteWrite image to graphics file


readgeotableRead geospatial table from vector data file (Since R2021b)
gpxreadRead GPX file
shapereadRead vector features and attributes from shapefile

Get Information

shapeinfoInformation about shapefile


kmlwriteWrite geographic data to KML file
kmlwritelineWrite geographic line data to KML file
kmlwritepoint Write geographic point data to KML file
kmlwritepolygonWrite geographic polygon to KML file
makeattribspecCreate attribute specification
shapewriteWrite geographic vector data structure to shapefile
makedbfspecCreate DBF specification


RasterInfoInformation about geospatial raster data file (Since R2020a)
RPCCoefficientTag Rational Polynomial Coefficients Tag