Use and Integrate MATLAB with Your Science Gateways

Science gateways are online portals where researchers access shared resources. They focus on community sharing for a specific academic discipline, such as neuroscience; HPC and research centers hosting compute; and curriculum tools that support teaching. In addition to targeting the physical sciences, many science gateways serve researchers and educators in engineering, math, and the social sciences.

The number and uses of science gateways have increased recently in response to a push for Open Science and transparent research, data and code sharing, and sustainable platforms and projects. As part of this trend, science gateway developers are incorporating MATLAB and related community-contributed tools based on MATLAB into their online portals.

Examples of Science Gateways with MATLAB

Allen Brain Observatory

The Allen Brain Observatory provides publicly available neuroscience data.


BioLib is a portal for creating and running biology-related software applications. aggregates tools for biological sciences.


Copernicus’s Climate Data Store hosts climate data.

Code Ocean

Code Ocean enables researchers to upload and share code associated with their published research.

Compute Canada

Compute Canada provides computing resources to researchers across Canada.


HydroShare is CUAHSI’s online collaboration environment for sharing data, models, and code.


The European Grid Infrastructure provides advanced computing and data access for research.


nanoHUB provides nanotechnology tools for teaching and research.


The Science Education Resource Center offers educator-contributed curricula and teaching best practices.


The Science Gateways Community Institute provides resources for developing and supporting science gateways.


The Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing is an HPC consortium that provides hardware and software access to Swedish researchers.

Whole Tale

Whole Tale enables the creation, publication, and execution of tales, or executable research objects.