MATLAB and Simulink for Desktop Deployment

Engineers and scientists using MATLAB® and Simulink® can develop desktop applications and share them with colleagues, collaborators, and customers. An installer is automatically generated that sets up the desktop application and associated MATLAB Runtime on their desktop. MATLAB Runtime, a set of libraries free to download on the MathWorks® website, is required to run the applications.

“Our solution required a Windows client and Linux server software. We used MATLAB to rapidly develop both by taking advantage of distributed computing, a MEX-file interface to access our financial data, and fast, built-in functions for optimization, regression, and more.”

Julian Zenglein, Commerzbank

Create Standalone Applications

The standalone application can be complete apps that use MATLAB graphics and UIs designed with MATLAB App Designer, or they can be command-line executables. Standalone applications are platform-specific, for example,  executables on Windows®.

Generate language-specific library and integrate with your application.

Integrate Language-Specific Software Libraries

You can integrate MATLAB algorithms or Simulink models with your Enterprise applications developed in C/C++, Java, .NET, or Python by generating language-specific libraries with MATLAB Compiler SDK™. You can link these libraries or assemblies to your application to create a custom user interface.