MATLAB and Simulink for Web Deployment

For a web-based deployment, you can share your MATLAB® applications and Simulink® models using MATLAB Web App Server™ or MATLAB Production Server™ depending on the front-end technology that your organization will use to develop the web app user interface. End users can access and run the applications directly through their web browsers.

“Our solution required a Windows client and Linux server software. We used MATLAB to rapidly develop both by taking advantage of distributed computing, a MEX-file interface to access our financial data, and fast, built-in functions for optimization, regression, and more.”

Julian Zenglein, Commerzbank

Hosting with MATLAB Web App Server

Design your MATLAB app graphically in MATLAB App Designer and then host it with MATLAB Web App Server.

Using the widgets in App Designer, you can create user interfaces that enable engineers to provide the input and output values of their model parameters. You can deploy these apps as interactive web apps, which can run the simulations directly through web browsers without needing to install additional software.

Hosting in MATLAB Production Server

If you decide to develop the front-end interface with web technologies, such as HTML, Javascript, Angular, or others, you can call the MATLAB function hosted on MATLAB Production Server as a RESTful API.

You can access the API from within your web application using standard RESTful calls such as XMLHttpRequest or JQuery. Then post to retrieve the results, which you can render on the page.