Wireless Testbench


Wireless Testbench

Test wideband wireless systems and perform spectrum monitoring

High-Speed Transmit and Capture

Perform full-rate data transmit and capture up to 250 Msps on supported USRP devices. Test your wideband wireless systems and perform spectrum monitoring.

USRP Hardware Support

Connect MATLAB to USRP X4xx, X3xx, and N3xx radios from Ettus Research™, a National Instrument® brand.

Intelligent Signal Capture

Capture and analyze data of interest by specifying waveform-specific characteristics to trigger signal capture.

USRP FPGA Targeting

Design and integrate custom IP blocks within your signal processing chain on the USRP FPGA (with HDL Coder).

Fast Resampling

Work with standards-based signals in their native sample rates and custom signals at arbitrary sample rates by resampling on FPGAs.

Data Capture for AI Applications

Capture data at sample rates up to 250 Msps and use it to train deep learning models for wireless applications.

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