Store, access, and manage your
MATLAB files from anywhere.

Manage Files in the Cloud Across Devices

Use MATLAB Drive from Your Desktop

Manage Your Files in the Cloud Across Devices 

MATLAB Drive provides a common cloud-based storage location for your MATLAB files. Store up to 5 GB of files when your MATLAB license is current on Software Maintenance Service, or get 250 MB of free storage with just a MathWorks Account.

MATLAB Drive works in the cloud with:

Use MATLAB Drive from Your Desktop

MATLAB Drive Connector installs locally and enables MATLAB Drive on your desktop. It creates a MATLAB Drive folder so you can easily access your MATLAB Drive files through the operating system. It provides offline access to your files, syncing changes after connectivity is restored. MATLAB Drive Connector also integrates with MATLAB, making it easier to work with MATLAB Drive. 


Install MATLAB Drive Connector:

System Requirements

  • MATLAB Drive Connector supports the same operating systems as the latest version of MATLAB. It requires only a small amount of RAM and disk space.
  • MATLAB Drive Connector does not require MATLAB. However, it integrates with MATLAB R2017a and onwards if installed.

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome - Current version
  • Internet Explorer - Current version
  • Microsoft Edge - Current version
  • Mozilla Firefox - Current version
  • Safari - Current version