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Is there a better way to enforce singleton behavior in AppDesigner applications?
When you click "Run" from inside the App Designer window, any existing instance of that app will be closed before a new one is c...

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Grouping into a table
In a situation like this, I usually plan out the table I want to see in advance, and then create variables that I can use to cre...

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Need a better way to loop through a Matrix column and then output the row
Something like this for k = 1:size(Nodal_Coordinates,1) % Find the index of the kth row ind = find(Nodal_Coordi...

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Is there a -batch option prior to 2019a, i.e., in 2017a
[ EDIT: the command-line below is wrong. See Edric and Steven's comments for the correct way to emulate batch functionality on o...

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How to change pixels to a different colour with a greyscale image?
Here's a hacky approach that does the job: I = imread('CTimagem.png'); mask = I < 8000; Ired = I; Igreen = I; Iblue = I...

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Setting different properties for some line objects stored in the same handle
You can do this with the old-style set() functions, like this: set(h1([3 5]), 'LineWidth', 2); Or you can use deal(), like thi...

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How can my function work?
First, change Wans to W everywhere, otherwise you are not setting the output variable. Second, your final elseif should be chan...

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