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How do I transfer an Individual or Designated Computer MATLAB license to a new computer?

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I have previously activated my MATLAB license on a computer, and I would now like to transfer my license to a different computer.
How do I transfer an Individual or Designated Computer MATLAB license to a new computer?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 3 Apr 2019
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 3 Apr 2019
The easiest way to transfer a license is to deactivate the license on the old computer. This provides an activation to install on the new computer. However, if the old computer is not available, you may need to deactivate from the MathWorks License Center. Instructions are provided below.
Deactivating MATLAB
If MATLAB is still installed on the computer:
  1. Launch MATLAB.
  2. Click on "Help" in the MATLAB toolstrip, right beneath the question mark in the white circle. (Click on the "Home" tab if you don't see the help menu.)
  3. Hover over "Licensing."
  4. Click on "Deactivate Software..." from the licensing submenu and follow the on-screen instructions.
In MATLAB R2012a and earlier there is no toolstrip, so the Licensing submenu is in the help menu.
In MATLAB R2007b and earlier, activation and deactivation do not apply.
If MATLAB has been uninstalled
If you are unable to launch MATLAB or MATLAB has already been uninstalled, you will need to launch the deactivation client manually. On Windows, the deactivation client remains on the computer even if MATLAB has been uninstalled. Assuming MATLAB was installed in the default location, the deactivation client is located here:
C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R20XXx\uninstall\bin\winXX\deactivate_matlab.exe
If the MATLAB installation folder has been deleted, and you have the deactivation string
Please log into your MathWorks account on
  1. Select the license you are deactivating
  2. Select the install and activate tab
  3. Under Related Tasks, on the right side, there will be a deactivate a computer link. Select this link.
  4. The activation list should show up now. There will be a X underneath the deactivate column, click on the x
  5. Put in your deactivation string in the proper field and select Submit Deactivation String.
This will deactivate the computer in our systems.
If the MATLAB installation folder has been deleted, and you do not have the deactivation string
If the MATLAB installation folder has been deleted, then MATLAB must be deactivated on the MathWorks License Center. For more information, see the following article:
How can I deactivate MATLAB on a machine I cannot access?
To install and activate MathWorks Products Online on the new computer.
  1. Go to your MathWorks License center:
  2. Click on the row for the license you would like to download products for in the list.
  3. Click the blue "Download" button in the "Manage Products" tab.
  4. Click the blue button on the left to download the latest release of MATLAB you have access to or select an older license in the menu on the right.
  5. Choose the platform you need the installer for.
  6. If prompted by your browser to Run or Save the installer choose to save and then launch the Installer:
  • Windows: Double click the matlab_R20XXx_win (64/32).exe to launch the installer. The Windows Self-Extractor will run, and then the installer will launch.
  • Mac: Double-click the This will extract the files and automatically make another folder called matlab_R20XXx_maci64. Inside this folder, double-click InstallForMacOSX to launch the installer.
  • Linux: Unzip the file. From the extracted contents, run the install script.
  1. In the MathWorks Installer, select Log in with a MathWorks Account and continue through the Installer.
  2. When prompted, select the license you would like to download and install.
  3. Select the products you would like to download and install. The installer will proceed to download and install products from the selected license.
  4. When prompted, confirm your activation information.
To install and activate MathWorks Products for an offline* new computer.*
If you are installing MATLAB using the offline installation workflow you will need to set up an offline installation package to bring to the target computer. For more information, see the following article:
How can I install MATLAB or other MathWorks products on an offline machine?


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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson about 17 hours ago
Yes, those are considered different geographic areas to Mathworks, and you need permission to move your license between them.
I have not been told how they decide.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 32 minutes ago
You need to ask Mathworks Support.
Note: I do not work for Mathworks; I only volunteer to answer questions based upon my experience and memory of reading documentation and license agreements. I do not have access to the license database. As best I can recall, Mathworks has never implemented any license policy changes I have suggested.

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Spyridon Vossos
Spyridon Vossos on 5 Sep 2020
I have a matlab license and I am thinking of transferring to I new computer which I have not bought yet. If this is possible how can I go about it?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Sep 2020
When you get the new computer, start the MATLAB installer on it first so that you can be sure that the installer can connect and so on. Then, before installing, go over to the original computer and deactivate MATLAB. Then you can proceed to install on the new computer.
If you had R2019a or earlier, then you could instead run the installer on the new machine until the step where it asks you who is going to be using the software, at which point you could hop over to the other, deactivate there, and then continue on the new system. R2019b changed the flow of prompts so this would not work out from R2019b onwards.
The above is relevant if you have a Student license or Home license or a Dedicated Computer license. If you have other kinds of licenses, then you are permitted to activate on two or more computers simultaneously (depending on the license), so you would be able to proceed through the entire installation and activation and ensure that it was working properly before you deactivated on your old system.

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