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How can I modify the "inputdlg" function to make the "Enter" key synonymous with the "OK" button in MATLAB R2016a?

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I am using the "inputdlg" function to enter data. When I am finished typing in a field, I would like to press "Enter" to close the dialog. Currently, the only way to close the dialog without using the mouse is to Tab through all of the fields until the OK button is active and then press "Enter".

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 1 Aug 2016
Modifying the "inputdlg" function to make pressing the "Enter" key mimic the behavior of clicking the "OK" button requires extensive changes to inputdlg.m.
These changes have been implemented in the attached file, newid.m. You will need to save the file to the same directory as inputdlg.m. To find this directory, enter the following at the MATLAB Command Prompt:
which -all inputdlg
Since it is dependent on several private functions, newid.m will only work if stored in this location. After adding newid.m to this directory, you may have to execute 'rehash toolboxcache' at the MATLAB Command Prompt.
When you execute the following code, you will notice that "Enter" causes the exact same behavior as "OK":
prompt = {'Enter matrix size:','Enter colormap name:'};
dlg_title = 'Input for peaks function';
num_lines = 1;
def = {'20','hsv'};
answer = newid(prompt,dlg_title,num_lines,def);
If your MATLAB code uses newid.m and you wish to deploy your code as a Standalone executable using MATLAB Compiler, you need to make sure that "newid.m" is present in the same directory as your MATLAB code.  This is because MATLAB Compiler's dependency function does not pick up functions from paths such as '<matlabroot>\toolbox\matlab\uitools'.

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