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Why do I receive an error when creating a VideoReader object on Linux in MATLAB R2010b (7.11)?

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I installed the latest GStreamer plugins on my Fedora14 64 bit machine to read a video. I can read this video with totem but when I try to read it with 'VideoReader' in MATLAB I get an error message:
??? The file requires the following codec(s) to be installed on your system:
Error in ==> VideoReader.VideoReader>VideoReader.init at 423
obj.VideoReaderImpl = audiovideo.mmreader(fullName);
Error in ==> VideoReader.VideoReader>VideoReader.VideoReader at 133
The same thing happen when I try to get informations on this video file with 'mmfileinfo', but the 'aviinfo' function works well and the 'VideoCompression' field is 'FMP4'
I get the same error on Ubuntu 64 bit.

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 30 Jul 2013
Newer versions of some gstreamer plugins require a later version of libstdc++ than the one which is shipped with MATLAB.
As a workaround you can run MATLAB on the version of libstdc++ installed on your system:
1. cd to (matlabroot)/sys/os/glnxa64/
2. Rename to
3. Rename to
4. Restart MATLAB and execute the code again.

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