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How to convert an image from rgb to lab by pixel by pixel matrix???

Asked by pritha Das on 20 Oct 2013
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on 26 Oct 2013
like i have image...i have to read it in matlab...then if i want to change the rgb values of the image to lab values...then what will b its steps.... i mean L* A* B* values

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What do you mean by lab values? Can you please explain?

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Answer by Matt Kindig on 25 Oct 2013

You can convert rgb to L*A*B colorspace using the makecform() and applycform() functions. From the documentation:
cform = makecform('srgb2lab');
lab_IMG = applycform(IMG,cform);


i mean to say....for rgb image we can plot matrix from 0-255...then if we convert rgb to L*a*b then we can get another matrix from the image of converted L*a* i want to know how to do that?i mean i how to plot matrix of a image...then how we can change that matrix to its correspond l*a*b values using coding in matlab
look what u have provided it is directly converts a rgb image to its L*a*b color space value... bt if want to the same thing in matrix form then what will b the coding
Matt already answered this. See his last comment. There is no difference between an image and a matrix, if that is what you are wondering.

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Answer by Jan
on 25 Oct 2013

This is a perfect question for an internet research: Asking e.g. Google for "Matlab rgb lab" and you will find e.g.:


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