How to plot multiple histograms from a matrix next to each other in a 3D plot

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Ananya Mishra
Ananya Mishra on 22 Jul 2021
Essentially I have a 21x10000 matrix where rows represent different y-coordinates, and the values in the cells themselves are x-values randomly distributed in the range 0 - 0.5. So, creating normal individual histogram by extracting each individual row shows the distribution/frequency (z) of x at that specific y. Is there any way to stack all the 21 histograms together to create a 3D plot? Basically something like this:
where the x-axis (values in a single row) ranges from 0 - 0.5, y-axis (row) ranges from 0 - 21, and the z-axis (frequency) ranges from 0-10000
But I don't want bar charts (each individual x-value doesn't need to be plotted) because I want the x-values to be binned like in a histogram. I'd appreciate any help, thank you!




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