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how to access a particular format file from a zip file with or without zipping in matlab?

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sandy on 30 Jul 2013
Answered: Collin Pecora on 24 Jun 2020
i have 100 zip each i have many files different extension .but i need to take all the .txt files alone from each zip files and want to store in a separate it possible in matlab??

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 30 Jul 2013
doc unzip
doc dir
doc movefile
Bacially use dir with a *.zip extension to find all of the zip files; loop over them and unzip, then use dir again with a *.txt extension in order locate the text files. Then use movefile to move them to your choice location.

David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 30 Jul 2013
Even when you can select the files to zip , when performing the reverse operation you do not have the choice of extracting selected files from within the zipped file. From Matlab, you can unzip the whole content of the zip file and later, delete those you do not need.

Jan on 30 Jul 2013
Of course you could save some time, when you only extract the txt files. But even posting the question here will probably take more time than extracting all files, moving the txt files selectively and deleting the unneeded files finally.
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Jan on 31 Jul 2013
You can unzip the files in the Windows Explorer simultaneously already and the moving of the specific files works by a Search in the Explorer also. So trying to do this in Matlab and discussing it in the forum wastes time already.

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