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change aspect on polar plot

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Hassan on 30 Apr 2011
I want to make a polar plot from azimuth angles and zenith angles. I wonder in polar(theta,rho) if theta is azimuth and rho is zenith? and if they must be in radian? I also wonder how I can put change the position of the origin (0) on the circule as I want the origin to start from north and increse clockwise. I appereciate your help.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Apr 2011
No, rho is radius. You cannot create a polar plot just from angles.
I do not see a MATLAB routine for 3D polar plots, but there might perhaps be one in the MATLAB File Exchange (FEX)
Hassan on 30 Apr 2011
I see. what about the change of the origin of angle to start from north (if we assume the current origin is in east) and increases clockwise?

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