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repmat function in Simulink

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Rubem Pacelli
Rubem Pacelli on 16 Aug 2020
Edited: Ivan Garcia on 30 Jul 2021
I would like to perform the repmat() function in Simulink. Apparently, there isn't a block for this purpose. So I doing this using the MATLAB function block. Here the following signal dimensions that I'm trying to handle
The code is just:
function y = repmat(u, Ns)
y = repmat(u, [Ns,1,1]); % Ns is a paramater of my system
It works, but using this block is always awkward and inefficient. Is there a clever way to do this?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Nov 2020
Yes, you are right, [1, 2, Ns]

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Answers (1)

Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia on 30 Jul 2021
Edited: Ivan Garcia on 30 Jul 2021
You can model the repmat function used in the MATLAB function block above in Simulink as follows:
If the input array "u" has 2 dimensions feed it into a "Reshape" block. Set the output dimensionality to "Customize" and then set the output dimensions to: [1, XSize, YSize], where XSize and YSize are the dimension sizes of the original array. This will expand the third dimension. Then feed the output of the reshape block into a "Selector" block. Set the number of input dimensions to 3. Then for the first dimension set the index option to "Index vector (dialog)" and set the index value to "ones(1, Ns)". For the other two dimensions set the index option to "Select all".
Hope this helps.




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