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Simulation of Micromouse using simulink 3d

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TEJAS PHUTANE on 7 Aug 2020
Answered: Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
I have created a plant model for 3d micromouse simulation using simscape multibody.The maze and robot are designed using Solidworks and imported using simscape multibody link.Since proximity sensors cannot be used using simscape,I want to simulate it using Simulink 3d.The vrml files are exported from solidworks.How to set the initial position of robot with respect to maze in simulink 3d? What is the complete step by step procedure to associate physical models with virtual models?How to integrate proximity sensors in simulink 3d?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
Hi Tejas - if you are trying to prevent your mouse from penetrating the walls, this could be set up using the Spatial Contact Force block in Simscape Multibody. If each wall segement were a separate CAD file, then some MATLAB code could be used to insert spatial contact forces between the mouse and the walls.
If you can upload files, we could take a look at it.

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