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Mobile Robotics Simulator inquiry

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I am now learning mobile robots control algorithms and want to know if there an efficient simulator that can run simulink models. I don't want third party simulator, rather I want a basic one for differential drive robots that can enable me from running my algorithms that built I from scratch.


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Ammar Taha
Ammar Taha on 17 Jul 2020
I did not want private consultancy, and I removed the question because I wanted to delete it but the platform doesn't allow the action. I used to help myself besides your response wasn't helpful. The Matlab answers is an open community and everyone has the right to post.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 17 Jul 2020
Hi Amma,
Once an answer is added to a question, the question cannot be deleted. The reason for this is to prevent the loss of volunteers' work. For example, at this moment, this quesiton has 24 views which means several people have read and thought about your question. When a volunteer takes the time to solve the problem and write an answer or a comment, that's time that they have given you - whether the solution worked or not. If the solution didn't work, it's usually because important information was missing in the question and in those cases, some additional dialog usually solves the problem. But if you remove the content of your question, that's disrespecful to the people who volunteered their time to help you.
With hundreds of thousands of questions & answers in this forum, I'd guess that the vast majority of problems are solved by people finding existing solutions rather than asking a new question. The time you invested to write the question and the time invested by volunteers to answer it could benefit others in the future.
So, in the future, please do not reduce the value of the time given to you by complete strangers by removing the content of your question.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 17 Jul 2020
My response was helpful. You had a clear off-by-one error that you would have found by examining the sizes like I suggested. You were cropping 1 to a location, then that same location to another value -- which would put the row at that location into both sub-images.

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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 13 Jul 2020
Hello Ammar,
Check out the different kinematic model blocks available for robots in Simulink through RST. The differential drive block page shows an example of how to simulate motion. The display portion of that is a bit more involved, but still doable.

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Ammar Taha
Ammar Taha on 16 Jul 2020
Thanks alot I will walk through them.

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