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Quickly bringing multiple frames into workspace (Image Acquisition Toolbox)

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Cheolwoo Ahn
Cheolwoo Ahn on 26 Jun 2020
Edited: Walter Roberson on 14 Jul 2020
I am a user of sCMOS camera (pco edge 4.2 bi) and I want to acquisite multiple images using Matlab.
I am currently coding with Image Acquisition Toolbox (Imaq). But, a function, 'getdata', of the Imaq is too slow to make it available for our live imaging system. ('getdata' transfers the image data from a memory to Matlab workspace.). So, I want to ask for some questions below.
1. Is there any alternative way to directly transfer image data to the workspace when using Imaq ?
2. (To whom it may concern,) I also want to try to use pco_camera_stack (SDK) without Matlab commands blocked. Once 'pco_camera_stack' is executed, the next command line of Matlab cannot be executed. The following commands must also be executed during multiple acquisitions so that other devices can be driven via matlab.
Your reply would be very appreciated.
Thank you for the comments!
Finally, I found a easy way to use 'getdata' to achieve higher frame rate. You can actually acquire an image only with 'getdata' once the video input has been executed.


Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 26 Jun 2020
Generally if you want Matlab not to block the main thread, you can use parrallel toolbox, and use parfeval to evaluate the commands. This will allow your main thread to remain free for other processing.
Whether the parallel toolbox and your third party library is compatible, you will need to test it yourself.

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