Why are questions showing up with WRONG authors?

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There are a few question where the author is showing up incorrectly on the ANSWERS' home page.
I'm pretty sure Walter doesn't need urgent help on fingerprint identification.
There! All better.

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Accepted Answer

Randy Souza
Randy Souza on 11 Apr 2011
This is a bug we introduced with the new search features this morning (April 11).
We're working on it right now--apologies for the inconvenience!
Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 11 Apr 2011
Just wanted to make sure you (and everyone else) knew!

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More Answers (1)

Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 11 Apr 2011
Bad link, I think...
Helen Chen
Helen Chen on 11 Apr 2011
The link doesn't show up for me either. I'm guessing it's because of the phpsessionid which probably isn't valid for anyone but Sean... But that's just a guess.
BTW, thanks to everyone for all the great feedback about MATLAB Answers! Your feedback helps us to evolve MATLAB Central to better support our awesome community! :-)

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