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Simscape Multibody modelling support

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Jacopo Paris
Jacopo Paris on 1 Apr 2020
Answered: Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
I'm building a model of a kickscooter with degrees of freedom corresponding to translation along x axis, y axis and yaw angle. Until now I succeded in simulating a linear trajectory providing the desired velocity profile on the two wheels, but the next step is allowing the front wheel to steer (thus obtaining more complex trajectories).
I got stuck on how to put the Revolute Joint for the yaw angle. Can you give me some hints on where to insert it and between which frames?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
Your model looks terrific in the screenshots!
From what I can see, you would want to put a Revolute Joint between solid "Deck" and rigid transform "Front Wheel to Deck". I suspect you would need
(Rigid Transform -- Revolute Joint -- Rigid Transform)
so that the degree of freedom for steering is normal to the deck of the scooter.
If you post the model, we can take a closer look.

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