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Mechanics Explorer Interface with MATLAB/Simulink

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mkoh on 10 Mar 2020
Commented: mkoh on 7 Jun 2021
Does there exist an interface between Simulink or MATLAB and the mechanics explorer of any kind?
It would be very useful, if one could control the Mechanics Explorer with either a MATLAB script or a Simulink model, e.g. to get access to the simulation time, jump to a certain point in time, control simulation speed etc.
All I have found until now is how to control the camera, but this is not useful for my application. The Mechanics Explorer is a great tool and it would be even better if one could control/ajust it in a automatic way.
This is a followup question, since my last question, which was a bit more specific, remained unanswered.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
Hi mkoh,
Through MATLAB R2021a, there is no programmatic interface to control the Mechanics Explorer. I completely agree, programmatic command over many of the features would be terrific, and we are working on it.
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mkoh on 7 Jun 2021
Thanks for the answer, I am looking forward to a dedicated programmatic command feature in a future MATLAB release.

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