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writing cell array to file

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I have a large text file with entries/lines that look like as follows.
I need to extract the first N (say three) lines and write them to another text file. I am doing the following.
fp_in=fopen(input_file_name, 'r');
inDump=textscan(fp_in, '%s%s%s', 'Delimiter', ',');
outDump={inDump{1}(1:3) inDump{2}(1:3) inDump{3}(1:3)};
The output file comes out with the columns of the input file transposed. This is what I see in the output file.
Thanks for any tips.
Amjad Luna
Amjad Luna on 28 Feb 2020
Tried already. Gives me

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Accepted Answer

Sravya Pulavarthi
Sravya Pulavarthi on 12 Feb 2021
Hi Amjad, you can use readtable and writetable to do this:
>> r = readtable(input_file_name);
>> N = 3; % Since you want to extract the first 3 lines of your file
>> writetable(r(1:N,:), output_file_name, "QuoteStrings", true, "WriteVariableNames", false);

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