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stateflow hdl code generation hierachy flatten

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I use stateflow for HDL-Code generation of an fsm.
The stateflow has several hierachies. The hierachies are mainly for readability (grouping the large fsm into subblocks).
This leads to several hierachies in the generated HDL code, which produces deep logical paths in synthesis / hardware implementation.
For example, the generated vhdl-code looks like this:
CASE is_fsm IS
WHEN IN_state1 =>
CASE is_substate IS
WHEN IN_substate_state1 =>
Is it possible to reduce the hierachy of the stateflow diagram when generating VHDL-Code, to reduce the depth of the logical paths in hardware implementation?

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 24 Feb 2020
This is a good suggestion. Unfortunately it is not currently possible to reduce the depth of logical paths during codegeneration and without changing modeling style of conditions and control flow in the Stateflow diagram.
Can you share your model, possible rewrite you are expecting to see from HDLCoder?

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