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how to imshow(image,[]) in simulink

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vishnu on 28 Jan 2020
Edited: vishnu on 6 May 2020
good afternoon everyone, please help me to solve this. i have a matlab code that run well and display matrix with imshow(image,[]) but it only shows black and white image in matrix viewer/ video viewer when i tried to transform it to matlab block in simulink. is there a way to display the image in simulink like using imshow(image,[]) in matlab. all images in attachtments. thanks for visiting this post.
vishnu on 29 Jan 2020
yes stozaki, im using it and it displays 'live image' of img1 very well but the matrix (img2) was generated from iteration (of pixels' intensity between 0 and 1 by 0.1) and was not imported from any figure. img3 is image(Ix) in matlab. thank you for the file but could you please export it to older version (im still using version 8.7 (R2016a))? i cant open it :-)

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stozaki on 29 Jan 2020
Hello vishnu,
I attached model made by R2016a. Please edit some parameters as needed.
stozaki on 1 Feb 2020
MATLAB functions and Simulink blocks are not always completely equivalent. Processing content may be slightly different. In that case, the designer will need to make adjustments as needed.
Best Regards,

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Selva Karna
Selva Karna on 28 Jan 2020
check image processing & computer vision toolbox ,

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