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Query About Contact Force Modeling

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Ankush Gudape
Ankush Gudape on 30 Dec 2019
Answered: Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
Hello Sir,
I am working on contact force modeling and has taken referance of models from examples but given examples run as it is. And if i copy and paste the same block from it in the new file then it shows error as follows :
"['untitled/Sphere to Plane Force4']: External Force and Torque 'untitled/Sphere to Plane Force4/External Force and Torque PlaB' has its follower port rigidly connected to the world frame; it has no effect. You can configure this diagnostic in the Simscape Multibody Configuration Parameters dialog. "

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 5 Jun 2021
Hi Ankush,
You can turn off this error message - it has no effect on the accuracy of the model.
Please see this MATLAB Answers Post:

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