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Avoiding TLC file writing

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Jean-Baptiste on 10 Sep 2012
Answered: Kevin on 29 Mar 2015
Hi everybody, I'm trying to run a simulation of a very simply model containing, at top level, a S-function builder block and a subsystem 'tagada' containing a Level-2 M-File S-function 'msfun2'. When I press 'Start Simulation' it stops the procedure because of this error:
The corresponding 'msfun2.tlc' file for the M S-function 'msfun2' in block 'tagada/Level-2 M-file S-Function1' must be located in the current working directory, the M S-function directory 'H:\OASIS_SMS\simulink\work', or the directory 'H:\OASIS_SMS\simulink\work\tlc_c'.
I would like to run a simulation of my model without writing such a TLC file.
Can anyone tell me why does simulink require a TLC file for my Level-2 M-file S-Function .. Even though i'm not intending to generate code for this model ?
How can i avoid writing a TLC file for simulating my model ?
Thank you all!
Or Hirshfeld
Or Hirshfeld on 19 Feb 2015
did you found any solution, i'm having similar problem

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Answers (1)

Kevin on 29 Mar 2015
The problem may come from the configuration parameters. Configuration parameter => code generation => check which system target file you have configured. If there is something as "embedded coder" on this page, you will need a TLC file.
You're telling you don't want to generate code for embedded solution, then configure the parameter panel accordingly.
Now I have to look for a solution for this exact problem, but when you actually need to generate code... life can be sad :(

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