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Why don't i get a data type mismatch error?

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Michael Felger
Michael Felger on 27 Jun 2019
Edited: Michael Felger on 27 Jun 2019
following is inside my simulink model:
  • a Stateflow chart, inside this chart:
  • a 2-dimensional array a(5,5), data type specified to fixed point fixdt(1,7,0).
Assigning a wrong fixed point values to the whole array leads to a data type mismatch error:
  • a = fi(zeros(5,5),1,8,0); // error due to word length mismatch
However, assigning individual values with a different fixed point value doesn't give any error:
  • a(1,1) = fi(0,1,8,0); // no error
My expectation would be to get a data type mismatch error, too.
Is there any setting to enable a strong data type check, to get a data type mismatch error here?
Matlab version: 2019a

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