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How do I display logged local data of stateflow in Logic Analyzer

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I would like to log a Local variable in a stateflow diagram and view it in the Logic Analyzer together with other signals.
I've enabled Logging for the variable via Model Explorer -> selected variable -> Logging -> Log signal data checkbox.
After I run the simulink model, the variable is available in the logsout-Variable in my workspace, so logging seems to work.
However, when I open the Logic Analyzer, the variable isn't available.
Is it possible to view a Local variable in a stateflow diagram in the Logic Analyzer without passing it as an output to Simulink?

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Dhanashree Mohite
Dhanashree Mohite on 12 Feb 2019
As per my knowledge, there is no such way in MATLAB R2018b to view local variables of Stateflow in Logic Analyzer.
But yes, it can be done through Simulation Data Inspector.

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