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A way to reference questions and blog articles from your profile

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Sam Alattar
Sam Alattar on 11 May 2018
Commented: Greg on 12 May 2018
I often am satisfied by reading blog articles and answers to questions and wanted to ask why MATLAB does not allow me to reference (link) these articles and especially question answers in my profile so I can look them up later (FROM MY PROFILE)?
Thank you, Sam.

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KSSV on 12 May 2018
Yes..MATLAB should provide an option to save/ bookmark the links as favorites in the users profile as stackoverflow gives an option. At present there is no such option in my knowledge. Hope in future mathworks provides this.

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Greg on 12 May 2018
Edited: Greg on 12 May 2018
Isn't that what following a question does? Go to My MATLAB Answers --> Manage Following and boom, personalized list of questions/answers you deem special.
Sorry, no idea for blog articles.


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Greg on 12 May 2018
But you can also manually follow any question without answering or commenting. And you can unfollow questions that you have previously answered.
Its primary function may be for immediate notification of feedback, but its purpose can be whatever you want it to be if it works. It works exactly as the original question requires.
Sam Alattar
Sam Alattar on 12 May 2018
Thank you all. Would i be following the user or the question....i defiantly don't want updates...just to organize things that i might need to revisit.
Greg on 12 May 2018
Then browser bookmarks are probably the way to go. I think most browsers let you make different folders of favorites, so you can group everything into "MATLAB Answers" or similar.
I find activity on any given thread usually dies quite quickly, so email updates aren't a problem.

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Jan on 12 May 2018
I'm using the bookmarks of my browser for this. It is easy to synchronize them between different machines.


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