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xlswrite too large imput

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Hi everybody.
I' trying to save a very large cell matrix (1 393 120 x 15) to a xlsx, but xlswrite returns: 'The specified data range is invalid or too large to write to the specified file format. Try writing to an XLSX file and use Excel A1 notation for the range argument, for example, ‘A1:D4’.' Does anybody knows how could I do this?
Thank you!
PS: my code is xlswrite('C:\Users\***\CompresorCompleto.xlsx',DatosTot.raw); where * are the full path (and it's ok, I check it) and DatosTot.raw is the matrix I want to write
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar on 20 Apr 2019
Dont forget to put extenstion after name of file
eg if file is xyx then write command as 'xlswrite("xyz.xlsx", data);
Hope it works for you. It worked for me. All the best

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Accepted Answer

Eric on 20 Jun 2017
The maximum number of rows in a single worksheet for newer versions of Excel is 1,048,576 according to You're trying to create a worksheet with too many rows.
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Joe Privacy
Joe Privacy on 3 Mar 2021
This is not a good answer. It's highly unlikely that the person requesting help is pasting 1million rows into Excel. I can confirm that this error message occurs when pasting a single row with only 20 records.

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Jan on 20 Jun 2017
The documentation explains:
Input matrix, specified as a two-dimensional numeric or character array, or, if each cell
contains a single element, a cell array.
Does this match your DatosTot.raw? If so, there must be another problem. Let's ask an internet search engine for the maximum number of cells in an Exel column:
Excel 2007, 2010 and 2013 support 1'048'576 rows (2^20)
This means, that an XLSX file cannot carry 1'393'120 rows.

Seyedali Mirjalili
Seyedali Mirjalili on 28 Jan 2018
I had the same issue and managed to fix it. I was trying to create a file that did not exist in the path. So, I created the file manually and surprisingly the error disappeared. Sounds like magic, but it worked for me every single time.

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