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how to extract data in the structure to individual vector variable?

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sivalogan satchithanandamoorthy
Commented: Jonathan Duncan on 6 Oct 2017
i have 1x1 data obtained from time vs signal graph. i want to separate time and signal and assign them into different varable.

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Moe_2015 on 18 Feb 2016
Edited: Moe_2015 on 18 Feb 2016
This should be pretty straight forward. You can do this:
%Assuming a structure name of Structure
EDIT: I realized that this might be some data you're getting from simulink as a structure with time from the way you phrased it. So it would be something like this:


Moe_2015 on 18 Feb 2016
You are welcome. If this helped you with your problem please accept the answer for the benefit of others.

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