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Start+count exceeds dimension bound (NC_EEDGE)

Asked by Steven
on 28 Jan 2016
Latest activity Commented on by Steven
on 28 Jan 2016
I'm trying to load netcdf data, crop it, and then save it to a new netcdf file. For some reason I'm getting the following error and it's driving me crazy.
Error using netcdflib
The NetCDF library encountered an error during execution of 'putVaraDouble' function - 'Start+count exceeds dimension bound
Error in netcdf.putVar (line 84)
Error in (line 831)
netcdf.putVar(gid, varid,start, count, varData);
Error in ncwrite (line 75)
ncObj.write(varName, varData, start, stride);
Error in Make_initial_rst_file_no_single (line 289)
The script that it is choking on is as follows...
All I am doing is loading in "h" from an existing netcdf file, cropping it with the i and j start and end values, and trying to save it to a new netcdf file.
I have double checked the dimensions and they are correct. 32 x 37 is the dimension of the new "h" array after cropping.


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1 Answer

Answer by Ashish Uthama on 28 Jan 2016
Edited by Ashish Uthama on 28 Jan 2016
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The ncread call in you ncwrite call returns the full variable, did you mean to use the variable h instead of the function call?

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Doh! Well that was silly. Found my mistake. Thank you for your help.

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