How to extract the content between the vertical lines drawn in an image?

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Hello, I have drawn the vertical lines and i want to extract the contents in between them.I have uploaded the code and the image also. Please help me with the code.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Dec 2015
fullsegments = floor(columns/spacing);
partialsegment = columns - fullsegments * spacing;
segmentwidths = spacing * ones(1,fullsegments);
if partialsegment > 0
segmentwidths(end+1) = partialsegment;
segments = mat2cell(BinaryImage, rows, segmentwidths);
Now segments{1}, segments{2} and so on will be the portions between where the lines would be. If the spacing did not exactly divide the number of columns then the segments{end} will be width less than spacing.
Meghashree G
Meghashree G on 11 Jan 2016
i tried this,
imcrop(binaryImage,[value 3 2 40]);
but im not getting exactly sir.

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